An Author’s Perspective: Course review by Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson, author of the “Young and Catholic” blog and “Letters From A Young Catholic” book, toured our online Catholic Marriage Prep Class and Learn NFP Online course in March. Following is an excerpt from her review:

There are a lot of reasons why couples could benefit from this program.  Some couples are separated geographically before their wedding, which makes it hard to attend classes together.  Others have schedules that make it difficult to get to the classes offered by their local parish or diocese.  But the reason I personally am most impressed by Catholic Marriage Prep Class is because it allows couples to attend a class that does not compromise Catholic teaching—which I think is what every couple preparing for a Christian marriage deserves. 

Marriage Ministries also offers an online course on the Billings Method of Natural Family Planning.  It only takes about three hours to go through and at the end you have the option of being connected to a certified instructor who will get you started and help you through the charting process.  The course was wonderfully done and I found it very informative and easy to understand.  If you’re interested in NFP (or if your diocese requires you take a course as part of your marriage preparation), I highly recommend Marriage Ministries’ online course!

Mary and Tyler Pearson

Mary and Tyler Pearson

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About the Author

Mary Pearson is the 23-year-old creator of  Her writing has been featured on,, and

She holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, CA.  Mary lives in Southern California with her husband, Tyler.