Marriage Ministries helps dioceses and parishes reach more people with marriage education and natural family planning programs.

Leveraging today’s technologies, we deliver impactful, high-quality learning experiences and a depth of topics to reach couples where they are. We like for couples to feel like the course was created just for them.

This online PreCana is the ideal solution for couples separated by distance, having scheduling difficulties, or have been referred to this option by their church. Used by couples worldwide!

If your parish or diocese struggles to provide quality, comprehensive Catholic marriage preparation experiences, this program is the perfect tool for your ministry toolbox.

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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a scientifically proven, 99% effective method for postponing or achieving pregnancy while appreciating God’s gift of fertility. With no drugs, no side effects, and no environmental impact, NFP is a wonderful practice that is easy to learn and use.

Parishes and dioceses want their couples, especially those engaged to be married, to learn the good news of natural family planning.  However, it can be a challenge to deliver quality instruction they can count on to be technically accurate and in keeping with their faith. Learn NFP Online is the solution.

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Videos and Resources for Building Stronger Christ-Centered Relationships

Whether engaged couples attend a traditional gathered PreCana event, a weekend retreat, or if they complete a comprehensive online Catholic marriage preparation course, the FREE resources offered through this website will help to customize and deepen their experience.

The videos address topics including cohabitation, children of divorce, forming a stepfamily, second marriages, military challenges, interfaith, and African American marriages. There are downloadable resources and worksheets available as well.

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A “premarital inventory” helps couples to discuss important issues that impact relationships. This interactive tool encourages discussion and uncovers issues that couples may not have discovered themselves. Please do not think of this as a test. This is not about “right or wrong” answers.

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