The Learn NFP Online program presented by Marriage Ministries allows couples to experience the good news of Natural Family Planning at their convenience anytime, from any internet-connected location in the world.

Ultimate Convenience

Register and begin anytime. Watch one segment or all at once. Take all the time you need to finish. Instructional videos available for review for a full year.

Includes Charting System

The leading charting app, Fertility Pinpoint, is included with this program as an exclusive 90 day free trial. Benefit from actual charting of your cycles with a convenient, easy online program.

Globally Accessible

The course is delivered online. You do not need to use the same computer each time you log in. Participate using any internet-connected computer.

Approved and Trusted

This program is endorsed globally by WOOMB International and promoted by BOMA throughout America. Trusted by countless church partners and NFP instructors/coaches.

The video provided here is Part 1 of the three-part series included in the Learn NFP Online course.

You will hear one couple’s witness and testimony of the ways that Natural Family Planning drew them closer to each other in their marriage. Tessa and Jelani discuss the beauty and science of the Billings Ovulation Method of NFP.