Supplemental PreCana Videos and Resources for Building Stronger Christ-Centered Relationships

Whether engaged couples attend a traditional gathered PreCana event, a weekend retreat, or if they complete a comprehensive online Catholic marriage preparation course, the FREE resources offered through this website will help to customize and deepen their experience.

The videos address various topics including:

  1. Cohabitation
  2. Children of Divorce
  3. Forming a Stepfamily
  4. Second Marriages
  5. Unique Challenges of Military Couples
  6. Interfaith and Interchurch
  7. Strengthening African American Marriages

There are downloadable resources and worksheets available as well as the popular segment, Demystifying the Catholic Wedding Ceremony, answering many frequently asked questions about what can and cannot happen on the big day.

FREE access for couples and churches!

Looking for a full PreCana program to meet your Catholic marriage prep requirement? That’s here.