Did They Really Do It?

Hello! Here are this month’s quick tips, facts, and things to think about the ONLINE PreCana and Learn NFP Online programs…

When priests, deacons, family life directors, and marriage ministry teams first learn about the online PreCana and Learn NFP Online programs, their first question is often, “how do we know the couple really did it?”

Our online programs actually ensure a higher level of accountability than what is reasonably possible in a “classroom style” gathered event.

Accountability Factors:

  1. A quiz follows every segment, challenging the couple to answer a series of questions about the topic they just viewed. They have to pass.
  2. The fast-forward option is disabled for the video segments. Even if couples could fast-forward, they would soon realize their mistake when they come to the quiz following the video segment.
  3. Couples receive their certificate of completion only after successfully completing all of the program’s required elements.

[More about “The Accountability Factor” here]

Couple’s Quotes

Julie and Jordan

Julie & Jordan

“He travels quite a bit, so online was our better option. I love how we got graded because it helped us learn. I also like how you can watch the videos and take the quizzes on our own pace.

Lastly, I love how people (the guests) on the videos give their personal experience on each topic!”

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NACFLM Conference Workshops

The Marriage Ministries team will be presenting in TWO workshops during the Friday 2pm session:

  1. NFP E-Distance Learning
  2. SPANISH Online PreCana Now Available

We will also be in the exhibitor’s area. See you in St. Louis!
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