Dying and rising at Easter and all through our married lives.

There is dying and rising in every marriage. The first serious disagreement as a newlywed makes one question whether they made the right decision. Then the young couple makes up and all is forgiven. Later, the children do things and act in ways that the parents, who love them so much, cannot at all understand. But the children grow into responsible young adults who make the parents so proud. Along the way there is disappointment, weariness, even failure and one or both of the spouses may want to give up. But they don’t.

Looking back after 20 or 40 or 60 years of marriage they are able to see the many times of dying and rising that have occurred in their marriage. Dying and rising, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are central to our faith and central to our marriage.

Blessing to each of you this holy season of Lent.