Marriage Ministries Challenge: A fundraiser supporting NACFLM

Marriage Ministries Challenge



Marriage Ministries launched and led a fundraising campaign in February and March, 2014, called the Marriage Ministries Challenge. Along with the generous donations of the following organizations and business members, we raised $5,350 for the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM).

BIG THANKS to these organizations for participating:

What is the Marriage Ministries Challenge?

As an “Organization Member” of NACFLM, Marriage Ministries benefits financially from our membership through promotion of our programs to other NACFLM members. Since we enjoy a financial benefit, we felt a stronger call to give back in support of the Association.

In that light, we invited other Organization and Business Members to join us with a generous donation to NACFLM within the months of February and March.

Our collective gifts in the first quarter helped to set NACFLM on a path to success and stability throughout 2014.